Free iFarm Mapping

Delivery Bin ScreenshoteAgribusiness recognises that 2006 was a difficult season for many Australian farmers, and that for some, it is just the most recent in a run of difficult years.

To support farmers in difficult times eAgribusiness is pleased to offer iFarm Mapping free* of charge.

* A fee of $20 applies for postage & handling

This offer represents extremely good value and will allow you to obtain a core component of our iFarm Production Recording software products for free

iFarm Mapping is the ideal software package for drawing and editing farm maps and property plans.

With iFarm Mapping you can:

  1. Create detailed and accurate farm plans complete with fence lines, arable and non-arable areas, water courses, roads, dams, buildings and all other farm infrastructure.
  2. Identify land capability classes and map out management zones within individual paddocks.
  3. Locate and map out points of interest (e.g. soil and plant analysis sites, farm hazards).
  4. Import, store and retrieve any number of geo-referenced images (e.g. Aerial photos, biomass images and yield maps).
  5. Calculate distances and areas quickly and easily, including paddocks, fence lines, roads etc.
  6. Import existing digitised maps for quick and easy editing.
  7. Print accurate scaled maps of you farm and paddocks for planning purposes and use by employees, contractors and farm advisers.
  8. Easily upgrade to iFarm Crops, iFarm Livestock or iFarm Crops & Livestock to meet all your production recording and planning needs.
Contour Mapping Screenshot

To order your FREE copy of iFarm Mapping simply forward your order to eAgribusiness today.

To find out more about the free iFarm Mapping software visit the “Frequently Asked Questions” page.

Support Products & Services for iFarm Mapping

eAgribusiness offers a range of services to support all our software products.  These services include: